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6 Tips for good communication with your landlord

  1. Choose the right means of communication for your message. Maybe a text just isn't suitable for what you have to say and it might be better to call your landlord, send them an email or wait until you see them in person to discuss something.
  2. Ask questions and make sure you understand the contents of your rental contract and the agreements you make.
  3. Make sure to have all agreements you make clearly and written down.
  4. Take responsibility. Noticed something that isn't right? Report it to your landlord.
  5. Have a conflict? Strive for a constructive and positive solution that feels fair to both parties. Are you angry or frustrated? Wait until you are calm so that the conversation does not get heated. Ask someone else to read your message or attend a meeting if necessary.
  6. Is the situation getting out of hand? Contact your school's housing department. They can provide you with further information about your rights and obligations and, if necessary, mediate between you and your landlord.