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How does it work?

Kotweb is a unique initiative between the city of Antwerp, higher education institutions in Antwerp and STAN, Antwerp's student portal. Together we strive for high-quality student accommodation in Antwerp and provide neutral information for both students and owners.

Who does what?

  • City: quality of the property - advice and inspection - quality label

The city of Antwerp monitors the quality of all Antwerp properties (including accommodation that is not included in Kotweb); after a positive inspection, a property receives a quality label from the city which can only be found on Kotweb. The city of Antwerp not only conducts inspections, but also offers owners free tailored advice to meet the quality and safety standards. The owner can request this free advice, prior to or following the inspections.

  • Educational institutions: contract quality - mediation - assistance/crisis team - model lease

The educational institutions (University of Antwerp, Karel de Grote College, AP College, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Institute for Tropical Medicine, the Antwerp campuses of KU Leuven and the Thomas More College) monitor contract quality by providing a model lease through Kotweb. They also provide mediation during rental disputes. They mediate for all their students (even if they have not used the model lease from Kotweb) as well as for owners who work with a model lease. Finally, they have an assistance team that springs into action when students are confronted with immediate and serious quality problems with their student accommodation.

  • STAN coordinates this unique collaboration between city and education for reliable student accommodation in Antwerp.


How does it work?

Kotweb offers the largest database of student accommodation in Antwerp, with more than 5,000 student rooms, bedsits and flats (around 10,000 student rooms in Antwerp in total)! Owners can advertise their property free of charge on the site and manage their data themselves. Students can search the entire database quickly and free of charge. Most Kotweb owners offer the best contract and you can quickly look up whether the student accommodation was inspected for quality and safety.

Kotweb is the reference site for anyone looking for neutral information on renting or letting student rooms in Antwerp. The information is free of charge, easily available and constantly updated.

You can even save and compare your favourite student accommodation. Owners have their own dashboard where they can easily manage their properties and contracts.

Fast, easy, clear, free of charge, neutral and with official information: that is what Kotweb wants to be for students and owners!