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Looking for a room?

You are looking for a room, but landlords are not responding?

How to search more specifically on Kotweb:

  1. Use the date filter. Clearly indicate between which period you are looking for a room. 
  2. Set the sorting to 'last changed', so you will first see the rooms whose landlords recently changed something in their advertisement and are therefore still active on Kotweb. 
  3. Didn't find anything you like? If you still want to find something, be flexible. For example, look a little further from your campus or try a room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Who knows, you might end up finding the room of your dreams!
  4. Found something? Contact the landlord. Send an email and introduce yourself politely, or call the landlord if a telephone number is listed. Does the landlord indicate that the room is already taken? Point out to them that it is still available on Kotweb and that they must adjust this themselves. They can read here how to do that.

Good luck!