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Homestays: your home away from home

Are you looking for student accommodation, but do you also prefer a room that feels like home? Then a homestay could be a solution.

A homestay is a form of housing in which a landlord makes a maximum of two rooms in their own home available to a student. You share spaces such as the entrance, bathroom, kitchen or living room with the owner. Of course you have your own private bedroom and/or study space. The landlords are often people whose own children have left home, the elderly who have a spare room or people who have bought a house with extra rooms for the future. Because it concerns a maximum of two rooms, you will find more peace and quiet in a homestay than in a standard student room.


Just like with a normal room, you sign a rental contract, you adhere to the rules of the house and the regulations for student rental contracts apply. Given the housing type, there can only be 1 doorbell and letterbox for the entire house and there are never separate meters for energy. You can't take your main residence in a homestay. This means you can register at this address if you need to, for example for your residence permit, but you always keep your main residence in your home country. You can read more about the rules for registering at your student accommodation here.


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