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Need advice or help?

Help and information about quality and safety, conflicts and mediation.

Questions about the quality/safety of the student accomodation? Read this first:        


First check for yourself what is meant by quality and safety standards. Please note that hygiene problems in the student accommodation are excluded, but should be reported to your contact person at Kotweb. You can find out who your contact person is below.


Check whether your 'digs' are included on Kotweb and if so, which quality label it has been given.


Can't find your student accommodation on Kotweb? Ask the city which defects are present in the property. As a tenant, you are entitled to request audit reports from the city.


Let us know about a problem or question:

  • SEND A MESSAGE to with the following details:
    • address of the student accommodation
    • number of rooms/bedsits/flats
    • name of owner or landlord
    • description of the question or complaint
    • attach any photos
  • POP IN at STAN or the student services department of your university or college - they are happy to help!

Questions or complaints will be handled with the utmost discretion!


What happens with your question?

The experts examine the request or the problem. If a spot check is necessary or desired, an appointment is made with the owner. If any defects are found, the city of Antwerp will guide the owner in making the improvements. The owner can receive free tailored advice on-the-spot about the best way to achieve the required standards. The city of Antwerp will then follow up on the improvements with the owner. As a tenant, you are involved in the process of the request/complaint as little as possible. Would you like to be kept informed? Then mention this specifically when reporting the issue to the city.  As a tenant, you have for example the right to request the results of the inspections. This is done using the same address as for the city of Antwerp.   


Questions about your contract? 

Do you have a question about your contract or a problem with your landlord? Contact the expert in your university or college. Make an appointment (and do not forget to bring your contract). The Kotweb team is ready to help you! Or pop in at STAN - they are also happy to help!