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Discover the student neighborhoods of Antwerp

University area

The area around the University of Antwerp's city campus undoubtedly has the largest concentration of students. Cafés, coffee shops, sandwich shops and chip shops adjust their schedules to the academic calendar. At the start of summer, you'll see plenty of people at the cosy Ossenmarkt, but you can also find wonderful silent oases such as the Beginhof in the Rodestraat. There is an abundance of student accommodation here. Want more information? STAN is located 100m from the City Campus. They would be happy to help with all your questions about accommodation in Antwerp.


In 2015, the beautiful Spoor Noord campus (AP College) appeared on the horizon in Antwerp North. More than 5,000 students attend lessons in ultramodern auditoriums, laboratories and practice rooms. This is clearly an area on the move. In addition to the campus, you will also find hot spots such as the Permeke library and Spoor Noord Park. While this folksy, multicultural area is very popular with creative types, the adventurous student will also feel right at home.

Theatre area & National Street

One of the hippest neighbourhoods in Antwerp is spread between the Meistraat Campus (AP College) and Groenplaats (KdG College). Shop along the Kammenstraat or at the Foreign Market, relax in the Botanical Garden, take in a show in the Bourla Theatre and then soak up a bit of night-life on the Mechelseplein. Hopefully you'll also be able to fit your classes in.

New South

The New South district includes the littlest brother in the educational landscape. Though this diminutive term is not really fitting. Since September 2016, the South Campus (KdG College) has been housing more than 6,000 students.  While you'll find mostly up scale bars and restaurants in the neighbouring South, New South offers a perfect combination of popular and trendy locations. The Troonplaats is the centre of this charming village in the city. A neighbourhood where everyone feels at home.

Wilrijk & Middelheim

You are studying at the Satellite Campus (University of Antwerp) so a room in the centre is not really an option? No problem, there is also plenty to do around the Drie Eiken Campus, Middelheim and Groenenborger to make student life unique. Even more, the students form a close-knit community here so you will be anything but lonely throughout the academic year. And you will enjoy the greenest area in ​​Antwerp! Definitely the healthiest place to have a student room.

But... Antwerp has even more to offer. Grab a set of Walkabouts and take a walk through the Centre, South, Borgerhout, Zurenborg and the station area. Once you've done this type of research, you will definitely know which neighbourhood is best for you.