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Fraud alert

Don’t get scammed by booking student accommodation that does not exist.

How can I check if a room exists?

  • Does the ad sound too good to be true? Then it oftentimes is.
  • You can easily check whether the building exists by searching the address on Google Maps or Google Earth. Look at Streetview, does it look like a student building?
  • Look carefully at the photos. Are they real or photoshopped? Is the furniture in the right proportion?
  • Are the photos taken from another advertisement? Check the image source via Google.
  • Check whether the landlord's address and bank account are in Belgium before paying a deposit.
  • Never pay via Western Union!
  • If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact your educational institution or Kotweb.

Did you become a victim of a scam or fraud?

  • Report it to the federal report and SafeOnWeb
  • Also report it to the police
  • Have you provided bank details? Be sure to contact your bank
  • Talk with a counsellor, either via the police or via your school
  • Maybe you are insured for this? Contact your insurance company after you have reported it to the police
  • Also inform your educational institution and/or Kotweb