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Information for international students

Are you coming to Antwerp as an international student? Follow these tips for a pleasant stay:

  1. Register and get a residency permit. International students who stay in Belgium for more than 3 months must register at their municipality. Please contact your higher education institution for this. Do you have the Dutch, French or German nationality? Then there is a special arrangement where you do not need a residency card. Your higher education institution will help you.
  2. Find a landlord who speaks your language. On the right side of the details page of a room you will find all information about the landlord, including which languages ​​they speak. Send the landlord an email and introduce yourself. Don't forget to mention these things
    1. During which period you want to rent. Most landlords opt for a 12-month contract, but some landlords prefer to rent from September to June. If you also want to stay in your room in July and August, it is best to check this first. 
    2. Whether you will stay in your room during weekends and holidays (the landlord can take this into account in the advance payment for energy and water). 
    3. Whether you will register at the room address, but not take up your main residence there. You can refer to this page to inform your landlord about the registration.

Questions? Contact the housing department of your college or university.