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Model Lease

The Kotweb model lease aims for a balance between the interests of both the landlord and the tenant.

Who is it for? Students at a University or college in Antwerp.

Letting contracts for student rooms are different from traditional letting contracts. Which letting contract should you use? The Kotweb Model Lease, is always a good choice. If the landlord uses this contract, you can be sure it is a contract with a good legal basis. The model contract of Kotweb corresponds to this rental law. Furthermore, the model lease seeks a balance between the interests of both parties. No small print, so no surprises.

The model lease is not mandatory - student accommodation landlords are free to use any other contract. We encourage students to use the model lease and to also indicate on the website whether the landlord does or does not use it. 70% of Kotweb student accommodation owners offer the model lease! 

What is it? A clear and optimal contract.

The Kotweb model lease is a fixed-term contract. This means that at the end of the rental period you are not required to give written notice and the contract cannot be renewed automatically. A new rental contract must therefore be made each academic year. However, at the end of your rental period you should always inform your landlord verbally, and preferably by mail, of your plans for the next academic year to avoid any confusion.

All the important points such as the rental period, rent price, additional costs, termination compensation, insurance, etc. are clearly described in the model lease. Agreements made between the student and the owner are therefore clearly defined and discussions afterwards are avoided.

The model lease is a legally protected document. The content may not be altered by the owner or by you!

The owner can decide:

  • when the contract begins (after discussing this with you): the rental month does not necessarily have to begin on the 1st of the month.
  • if the rental guarantee is equal to one or two months rent. A rental guarantee of more than two months rent is not permitted¬† by law.

Have changes been made to your Kotweb model lease? Be sure to let the Kotweb secretariat know so that they can take any necessary action.

More information about letting contracts and the model lease? Want to see how a Kotweb model lease looks like? Check it out here.