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Everything about your contract: compulsory written contract / model lease

Every lease contract for student accommodation must be concluded in writing. You and your landlord should each receive a copy of the agreement, signed by both parties.

Never sign a document you don’t fully understand. Ask for an English translation and keep in mind that you are legally responsible for what you sign. (please note that you have the right to ask for a translation, but that you probably have to sign the Dutch contract! To be sure, you can attach the translation, signed by you and the landlord, to the contract)

Your landlord must also receive an extra copy as s/he is in fact required by law to register each lease within 2 months of signing. Even if your student accommodation is not your primary residence (which it is for most students) this still must be done.The registration assigns a 'fixed' date to the lease which is 'binding on third parties.' This means you as a tenant are legally protected against eviction by any new owners should the property be sold. The contract will therefore bind any new owner-lessors.

Every written contract must contain at least the following information:

  • the identities of the parties
  • the start date of the contract
  • the description of all the rooms and areas of the rented building
  • the rental price

Ask your landlord if s/he uses the Kotweb model lease. Read about the benefits of this contract here. Please note that your landlord is not required to use the Kotweb model lease, even if he advertises on our site. However 70% of Kotweb owners are convinced of the benefits of this contract! Please note that in the model lease you will always get the legal Dutch contract first (which you will have to sign); the English translation is attached in the same document.

Want to see how a Kotweb model lease looks like? Check it out here.