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Everything about your contract: Rights and obligations of tenant and landlord

Landlord's obligations

  • Transfer obligation: the rented accommodation and the fixtures and fittings must be made available to the tenant in good condition.
  • Maintenance obligation: the rented accommodation must be properly maintained and repaired except in the case of force majeure, wear and tear, age, normal use and hidden defects.
  • Obligation to indemnify: refrain from behaviour that may infringe on the peaceful enjoyment of the rented property (e.g. entering the room uninvited) and assume responsibility for rights exercised by third parties regarding the property and hidden defects.
  • Furnishing obligation: The landlord must equip furnished rooms with adequate furniture and household goods.


Tenant's obligations

  • Furnishing obligation: the tenant furnishes and uses the room if the rented room is unfurnished.
  • Payment obligation: timely and complete payment of the rental amount, agreed expenses and taxes.
  • Due diligence: the duty to maintain, ventilate and heat the property. The tenant must inform the landlord of any necessary repairs in a timely manner and is responsible for any damage he himself has caused.
  • Return obligation: return the rented room and keys when the lease ends.