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What does a student room in Antwerp cost?

The average rent for a furnished room in and around Antwerp for a full academic year is generally 410 euros for a room, 515 euros for a bedsit (room with private bathroom and kitchenette) and 675 euros for an flat. A surplus might be charged for shorter rental periods. These amounts do not include extra costs (gas, electricity, water, internet). If these costs are not included in the rental price, you must usually pay a deposit each month. Expect on average to pay between 40 to 80 euros per month for these. At the end of the rental period, you receive a detailed invoice indicating your actual consumption minus the amount you paid. This can really add up if you are wasteful with energy. 

One important one-off cost at the start of the lease that should not be forgotten is the rental guarantee. The model lease on Kotweb stipulates a 1 month rental guarantee, however the owner is free to change this up to two months. 

Prices may vary by neighbourhood and are also depend greatly on the provider. The accommodation owners are required to clearly indicate their prices and costs in our database and on their advertisements.